Summer Must - Haves

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As summer temperatures hit, we crave for various hydrating food and drinks while the hot heat is hitting your body from outside, you can envelop your internal body with cooling and hydrating food.

Here are must-have tips to hydrate yourself while keeping the process exciting and good-looking: 

Mint water is a great option for a healthy alternative to all those sugary drinks, this is a very healthy and tasty infused water for summers, this is a great way to convince your kids to drink more water. Just fill a Jug with filtered water and a few mint leaves and keep it where you and your family can see it throughout the day. You can choose glasses with tray for serving mint water for your guest’s next time.

A colourful fruit platter is all you need for this summer, while several drinks can quench your thirst but not necessarily nourish your body for the absolute hydration-boosting bevvy. You can add diced watermelon, berries, diced pineapple, slices of apple, diced papaya, diced mangoes to our 2-tier floral platter for a classic British- style look. You can spread some chia seeds over the fruits for extra nourishment.

The practise of storing water in copper overnight and drinking it the next morning is age-old. Made with 100 % copper material inside and silver-plated outside, our water tumbler with rose quartz is an absolute stunner for your daily use, it's cute and compact making it travel-friendly and convenient to use.

Don't limit herbal teas and soups to only winters, they keep you hydrated, detoxify your body, help reduce stress and aid digestion. Peppermint tea is a rejuvenating choice for summers, it has boasted an array of nutrients and enhances the immune system. Chilled soups are an amazing choice around the world, many of them are made with hydrating and healthy vegetables and are equally nutrient, our silver-plated carved bowl can make your soup look interesting and fashionable.

A bedside water-carved copper lotta is a great reminder to start and end your day with water so there is no excuse for drinking water out of plastic bottles. It is an ancient and beautiful design that brings old-world wisdom to your daily life.